in 1997

Established and listed. Business scope including computer, software, system integration, energy-saving and network safety. .

in 1998

Acquired Jiangxi wireless power plant and developed military and equipment business.

in 1999

China first independent technology container inspection system was successfully developed. Breakthroughs have been made in the field of public safety.

in 2001

Set up Tongfang microelectronics to develop smart chip business.

in 2003

Integrated the existing environment-related businesses and set up Tongfang environment to develop the environmental protection industry.

in 2004

Established a computer and digital TV production base to develop the business and consumer electronics industry chain. The world's largest Chinese knowledge website-CNKI has been launched to establish the Internet service industry status.

in 2005

The first overseas production base-Tongfang Nuctech Warsaw Company has been set up to start globalization development.

in 2006

Set up Tongfang Industry to restructure Jiangxin shipbuilding and expand military and equipment business.

in 2010

Set up the Internet of things application industry to integrate the smart city industry.

in 2011

Tongfang Technovator was listed on Hong Kong and made significant progress in energy-saving industry. Became a shareholder of Chongqin Guosen and obtained the trust, band and securities finance license to explore the development path of financial capital and industrial capital integration.

in 2013

Acquired of ErenEben to promote industrial upgrading with the concept of mobile Internet.

in 2014

Established Tongfang Global Life. Acquired Neo-Neon Holdings(HK) to establish Tongfang YOUYOU to develop lighting industry.

in 2016

Acquired Waranty to build a health and environmental industry cluster. Work together with NDRC and Tsinghua university, we are committed to a new type of urbanization research.

in 2017

Became the largest shareholder of China medical network to explore new opportunities in the field of medicine. Cooperated with UnitedStack to establish Tongfang Cloud to start information industry era.